Win-Win Negotiations

All the techniques you need for reciprocal goodwill

2-day workshop

We find ourselves in negotiation situations nearly every day; we need to control these situations and avoid conflict. In this workshop, we will train and practice the techniques necessary to both express and defend your points. Using specific role-plays and employing special communication techniques, build on your strategy at every stage of your negotiation. The emphasis is on business negotiations with clients, colleagues, employees and suppliers; however, with these tools and techniques, you will learn how to handle any negotiation situation with control and natural authority.

Who should attend:

This course is for managers in any department who need to negotiate conditions for further business.

Program Benefits:

  • Identify all negotiation situations; planning the content and tactics
  • Identify the communication styles of others and adjust your own style to gain acceptance
  • Understanding cross-culture negotiation and how to avoid misunderstanding
  • Identify resistance and execute trained methods in handling them
  • Know how to break deadlocks
  • Use various negotiation planning guides/checklists
  • Identify ranges of acceptability
  • View yourself in action (video) and get instant feedback from trainer and peers

Program Contents: planning a strategy for your real-life negotiation:

  • The various dynamics that impact the negotiation process and designing a strategy to progress through the  stages
  • Identify opportunities for using teams to negotiate
  • Structure your concessions effectively to achieve the proper reciprocity
  • Determine alternatives before the negotiating begins (BATNA & others)
  • Explore the interests and positions of each side to gain leverage
  • Plan a questioning strategy for each medium (face-to-face, email, telephone, skype)
  • Manipulate the negotiation space to your advantage
  • Identify resistance (potential objections) and design ways of handling them
  • Use of voice and other non-verbal communication during negotiations
  • Rhetorical anchoring statements, objections, offers and counter-offers
  • Robert Cialdini´s 6 principles of Persuasion more info
  • Tactical manoeuvres and counter-manoeuvres (defenses)
  • The ten commandments of an experienced negotiator
  • What NOT to do during your negotiations

Training Methods:

Experiential training by role-playing and resolving model situations. The role-plays (in pairs and teams) are recorded and monitored by video-camera. Recorded tapes are immediately analysed by the trainer with appropriate feedback.

Various diagnostics and reviews will be used at regular intervals. These are designed to encourage the participants to learn from each other.

The trainer focuses on revealing and repeating correct courses of action and communication techniques, using the most useful formulations, the best objection handling, verbal and non-verbal signals analyses.

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