“I appreciate and admire Howard for his lightness, natural talent and his hard work. Howard is a real coach who is capable of deep empathy and has wide knowledge and experience. He is able to force you or your team to figure out yourself, and keep your own targets. Beneficial, targeted, with long-term effect, and especially fun. I recommend Howard as a great professional.”
Danuše Kulhánková, Sales and Marketing Director

“I hired Howard a couple of assignments for the multinational company that I worked for in Prague. He is a gifted coach whose methodology and approach to the development of communication skills is unparalleled. He is intuitive, inventive and attention-grabbing. Most importantly, his seminars have long-lasting effects which is pretty rare these days.” — Manos Emmanouil, Marketing Manager, Fiat

“My people took the Business Writing Course; it was an intensive course which was tailored to their specific business needs. They were surprised how precisely Howard evaluated their work; focused on concrete professional needs in addition to writing style. I noticed improvement not just in terms of writing, but also in motivation to write meaningful reports.” — Jan Koutny, Tesco Stores Czech Republic

“Howard was my English teacher for almost 3 years, and I learned more than just English from him. He has a wide scope and he uses it in all range of his training courses and activities. Definitely he is more enthusiastic than me.” — Vit Hruska, Director, CSOB

“To say it simply, Howard’s training sticks to you. I’ve had many soft-skill trainings but most of them were forgotten within months. Long after leaving the classroom I find myself recalling the techniques which Howard provided to me – these techniques have helped me to identify my strengths and weakness and how to use them to my advantage in both my professional and personal life. I believe it’s testament to his expertise in the art of persuasion that I still think about the training.” — Richard Mezger – Tesco Stores Czech

“Howard is one of those rare people who can teach and entertain you at the same time. I would strongly recommend his services to any business partner.” — Katarina Nemcova – Consultant, CVO Sales and Marketing Recruitment

It was the best training I’ve ever participated in. The English was splendid and the course was perfectly useful for my job — Pavel Richter

The trainer was very good. The techniques we covered were very useful for my job — Martin Grepl

Terrific trainer with practical experience, willingness to accept and share experience — Libor Zajac

Very useful, interesting and practical training; terrific approach by the trainer — D. Matuscik

Interesting form, excellent trainer, optimal timing; this was no typical lecture! — Jaroslav Posel

Very interesting approach to feedback, very professional trainer — Petr Porizka

Random comments from anonymous evaluation forms (forms are archived for examination on request):

“The course gave me perspectives I’d always felt, but till now wasn’t able to put a finger on.”

Professional and attentive, high level trainer. I am completely satisfied; thank you, it was definitely useful for me.

The course was very useful, Howard is great.

I can say that I liked the training and trainer very much, very interesting.

It was really great; I liked it very much. But it should be a bit longer!

I learned many things and most of all it was practical and useful.

It was the best training I have been to in recent memory.

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