Persuasive Presentations

How to be interesting for 20 long minutes!

2 or 3-day workshop


This course is especially designed for those who need to present in front of a multinational/cultural group. The techniques we will study are universal and apply to any business culture.

This couse is rather “technical” in nature: we will demonstrate and practice the nuances of vocal usage, body language (and other non-verbal signals), and rhetorical techniques, all designed to attract your audience, focus them and keep their attention. With these techniques and a health dose of self-control, anyone can learn how to be confident and persuasive in front of a group. Even those of us with stage-fright.

The trainer focuses on revealing specific points for individual improvement and repeating correct behaviours. After completing this workshop, you will have all the tools necessary to speak confidently, persuasively and motivate your audience to action.

Program Benefits:

Strengthened self-assurance of participants by training proper preparation, calming the nerves, increased concentration and imparting information. The goal is to appear confident (even if you’re shaking inside!) and authoritative. The result is competent persuasive abilities. We will practice all the techniques and nuances designed to attract your audience and keep their undivided attention for the entire duration of your speech. You will learn more than just public speaking; you will be a better communicator.

Program Contents:

  • Vocal Hygiene and Voice Training
  • The Four Vocal Elements of Persuasive Speech –
  • ► Modulation       ► Intonation       ► Pausing      ► Word stress

  • Introduction and Conclusion – the most important parts of your speech
  • Overcoming stage-fright and fear of speaking: cure your jitters in 1 minute
  • Individual video-camera work with instant analysis and feedback
  • How to build rapport and credibility with your audience
  • Gaining and keeping audience attention
  • Logic and Pathos – using both to your advantage
  • Text & layout of your slides: how to do it and NOT to do it!
  • Taking advantage of visual aids (i.e. Powerpoint, hand-outs)
  • Rhetoric of persuasive argumentation
  • Body language  – use it to emphasize your strong points and play down the weaker ones
  • Effective words and phrases used in English presentations (+ take-away list for future reference)
  • How to handle a hostile audience
  • How to handle audience questions

Training Methods:

This is a highly experiential and interactive workshop  employing several skills necessary to deliver any kind of presentation, informative or persuasive, be it in front of a group or one-to-one. Techniques and activities will illustrate and practice the skills necessary to perform a public-speaking task at any time, in any place, with minimal preparation. We will practice by giving short speeches on a topic of your choice; these presentations will be filmed, analyzed and re-trained. Feedback is encouraged at all times.

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