Communicating Across Cultures


Avoid misunderstandings and make the most of your experience

2-day seminar


Cultural diversity has arrived at our workplace. We interact with people from culturally diverse backgrounds — colleagues, clients, vendors — they all have their “own way” of doing things and everyone has to adapt in order to understand, communicate and deal effectively over the long term.

Communicating with people from other cultures and backgrounds is not easy: we must be flexible and behave in a way to make ourselves clear at all times. In this workshop, we will employ various role-plays and activities, adapt, practice and analyze our behaviors, gauge our understanding.

The emphasis will be on interpersonal communication (phone, written, face-to-face) with people from countries you do business with; the outcome is that you will be better equipped to deal with anyone from any country. What’s more, you will learn how best to deliver a message of any kind, planned or spontaneous.

Program Benefits:

Understand your own habits and customs better and how they might differ from other social groups and corporate cultures.

How to read and measure others’ meanings; how to be flexible and allow for differences in mentality; how to prevent misunderstandings.

Program Contents:

  • Discussion: Global business from cultural perspectives
  • Customized program manual: a valuable resource for during and after the program, with an emphasis on the target-countries and their business environments
  • Game of Habits: How to identify my personal (and interpersonal) communication customs
  • Business protocol and expectations of people from the target cultures
  • Discussion on the Czech culture and customs – how they differ from other countries
  • Discussion: Key cultural values and their impact on business interactions
  • Role-plays: choose situations and practice with your partner, with instant feedback
  • Future action planning with focus on practical application of the information learned

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