How to deal with (just about) anyone

2-day workshop


Do you sometimes wish you could say what’s on your mind, express your demands, and respond when you are treated unfairly? In this workshop, you will learn and practice how to communicate when under pressure. By challenging and defending ourselves and each other, you will see that it’s a question of attitude and rhetoric. The techniques are as simple as learning a few special phrases and matching with the right body language. With these steps, you will find it easy to act assertively in all situations, without appearing aggressive. You will gain the respect you deserve.

Who should attend?

  • If you’re not getting the results you want from your staff.
  • If you want to stand up to somebody and you don’t know how.
  • If you need to communicate more clearly and effectively.
  • If someone violates your rules, policies, and boundaries.
  • If you are afraid of criticism and aggression.
  • If you have trouble controlling your anger.
  • If you want more attention and praise for your good ideas and suggestions.
  • If you don’t like the way you handle conflicts.

Program Benefits:

  • Identify the other’s communication style and know how to deal with it
  • Tailor your communication style to suit the situation and your needs
  • Learn the tools i.e. rhetorical, body language techniques and the proper attitude to elicit appropriate responses from others
  • Be able to act and react as you wish, every time

Program Activities:

  • Understanding of how self-esteem controls our lives; the difference between courage and fear is only a point-of-view. Various questionnaires will help us identify our strong and weak points.
  • Body Language Exercises for Assertiveness
  • The 10 Non-Negotiable Rights of Being Assertive
  • Role-play situations: various situations related to the work environment
  • Practice the Four Types of Assertiveness and when to use them:
  • Empathetic assertiveness
  • Escalating assertiveness
  • Confrontational assertiveness
  • Assertive obligation
  • The Four-step Assertiveness Technique – guaranteed to disarm your counterpart and get them to listen to you seriously
  • Various exercises and techniques for dealing with different situations
  • Game:Who cares? Learn how to speak from your gut and get people to listen to you
  • Role-play situations: various situations related to the work environment and examples of various types of situations when assertiveness should be used:
  • Being reproached by someone
  • Expressing your wishes & demands
  • Reproaching someone else
  • Making claims in business and personal life
  • Protecting your personal space without appearing defensive
  • Offering and receiving feedback effectively
  • Getting the information you want

Training Methods:

Experiential training by role-playing and resolving model situations. The role-plays (in pairs and teams) are recorded and monitored by video-camera. Recorded tapes are immediately analysed by the trainer with appropriate feedback.

Various diagnostics and reviews will be used at regular intervals. These are designed to encourage the participants to learn from each other.

The trainer focuses on revealing and repeating correct courses of action and communication techniques, using the most useful formulations, the best objection handling, verbal and non-verbal signals analyses.

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