Conflict mediation


According to philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, the essence of human relations is conflict. Whether or not he was right, we know that we are bound to reach conflict at some point. In a business meeting, it is inevitable. But there is something we can do: create rapport and encourage a clean and clear flow of information. These two things will ensure that your meeting will go much smoother now.

In the business world, communication is hindered by the people involved – everyone has their own agenda: their own interests, positions. Meetings are, essentially, a negotiation, be it explicit or implicit. When an expert comes in and impartially facilitates the flow of information, each member gets a certain feeling of equality and, as a result, communication blocks are broken down and decisions get made.

Now you can hire an objective observer to come and sit in on your business meeting: at first quietly, discretely taking notes, and later offering tactful advice to move the communication along and get to the point. When necessary, he intervenes in a natural, objective manner. After the meeting you will receive a report with assessment and suggestions for further improvement.