Stress Management 101

1 day seminar

The title of this seminar speaks for itself; simple techniques will enable anyone to lower blood pressure and heart-rate at any time, under any circumstances. When stress appears, the ability to think clearly and rationally decreases. Simple techniques as taking a deep breath and enjoying a visualization, your temper cools down and you stay in control. The simple daily exercises produce the long-term effect of a calmer, cooler demeanor. As a result, everything in life will seem easier, smoother. Then you can go about your business alertly and effectively.

  • Initial group discussion: each participant fills in a questionnaire to learn about various manifestations of stress and how to recognize them in themselves.
  • Body of program: various methods designed to combat various symptoms of stress both in the workplace and in private lives; practical exercises, in which these new techniques can be tried and tested. The emphasis will be on communication with yourself, and we will also discuss communication with others.
  • Final stage: making a personal checklist of your favorite techniques and knowing instantly which ones to use in which situations. Whenever you want, whenever you need.

The goal in all these seminars is to learn to apply these techniques each and every time we learn or teach something. It is of paramount importance to take with you what you learn. After you try these techniques and see how effective they are, you will be ready to use them in your daily life. This is learning at its best!

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