Negotiation Service

Engaging a professional negotiator is one extremely effective way of increasing your chances at achieving the best negotiated outcome. With multi-faceted experience in hundreds of deals, Howard knows how to choose and adjust his role in any negotiation situation, while at all times representing your interests. Projecting a measure of objectivity, he will, at times, strategically recommend the other party’s argument. But there is a method to this madness concessions lead to counter-concessions, and this is what you want. Other times he is a ‘fly on the wall’, ready to intervene at just the right moment.

Using tried and tested, best-practice negotiation and problem solving techniques, Howard provides training, coaching, preparation, presentation, and debriefing assistance for any commercial, workplace, social, political or other critical negotiation.

The improved quality, speed, and outcomes of your deal will more than cover your ROI of hiring a professional negotiator. Not to mention, your stress level will be greatly reduced.

Know that you can rely upon the support of a highly experienced professional negotiator, with you all the way.

Howard works with you at every step of the way, as per your requirements:


  • Identify and prioritize your interests and positions.
  • Diagnose the other parties’ objectives, interests and positions.
  • Gather and analyze background and supporting information.
  • Evaluate the potential impact of macro and micro issues.
  • Develop negotiation strategies, including options and BATNA.
  • Coach and prepare you / your team for the negotiation.


  • Assist the negotiation process, including active or passive participation in meetings.
  • Evaluate the progress and status of current negotiations and facilitate prompt, tactical modifications in response.
  • Document the progress and outcome including, if required, liaison with lawyers, stakeholders, etc.


  • Debrief your negotiating team to examine and evaluate the process, ensuring acquisition of skills and taking full advantage of the learning experience.

No cure, no pay schedule available on request.

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