Persuasion and Influence

Modern methods of getting your way


How to get what you want, and make others happy to do it

2-day workshop


Persuasion means you must first make your point clear and understandable, then gain the other’s agreement, and finally motivate that person to the action you require.

Learn how to establish rapport, gain effective feedback and get what you want in a remarkably subtle way. The tricks and techniques you will learn in this course are somewhat ‘underground’, known by few people, and not always 100% ethical. It is recommended that you are careful with your new power and do not abuse it.

This course is designed for busy people who need to persuade every day, at work and in the world.

In a nutshell, this course is how to increase your authority and get what you want more easily than ever before.

Program Contents and Benefits:

  • Increase your personal credibility
  • Speak fluently and confidently even under stress
  • Maximize your verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Handle difficult meetings with authority, sensitively and constructively
  • The 180-degree mindset –identify the others’ needs + respond
  • Robert Cialdini’s 6 principles of Persuasion more info
  • Acquire information from others
  • Overcome objections and express your demands/complaints with the 4-step Technique
  • Dealing with conflict and difficult people
  • Motivate yourself and others to action
  • Various role-plays and techniques designed to accentuate verbal & non-verbal skills
  • Training & practice of these situational techniques with videocamera and instant trainer analysis
  • Recognize your own progress and build on it

Training Methods:

This is a lot to cover in only two days. However, you will receive all the tools and techniques necessary to become the persuasive leader you strive to be. With the honest feedback you receive from your peers and the progress you see in your own video, it will be immediately clear how each aspect of your personal presence is improved.

Experiential training by a combination of lecturing, role-playing and resolving model persuasion situations. The role-plays are monitored and recorded by video-camera and immediately analysed by the trainer and the group with appropriate feedback.

The trainer focuses on revealing and repeating correct courses of action and communication techniques, using the most useful formulations, the best objection-handling, as well as verbal/non-verbal signals analyses.

Persuasion situations are aimed at improving various specific skills necessary in dealing with clients, colleagues and suppliers. However, these skills have also proven extremely useful also in one’s personal life.

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