The 8 Intelligences

or: increase your brain capacity

80-minute presentation

  • Linguistic
  • Logical-mathematical
  • Musical
  • Visual-spatial
  • Bodily-kinesthetic
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal
  • Naturalist

Want to increase your intelligence? It’s fun and sometimes easy. Sometimes you have to make an effort. The brain is something that can be trained, much like your muscles, to increased conscious capacity. First we do the self-evaluation exercise to determine our stronger and weaker points. Then you can choose whichever activity you want under the category you want to improve. The theory is first unblock your weaker areas (it’s just a block and you know it), and the neurons will fire more smoothly throughout all your 8 intelligences.

I call them 8 but there are probably more. Howard Gardener came up with this and he’s a Harvard professor; so I’m not going to try and trump him with 9 or 10. But it’s not really important. What’s important is to discover your talents and choose what to do with them.

Many people, after hearing this presentation, go and learn to play a musical instrument.