Leadership and EQ: hand-in-hand

55 minute presentation

There has been an enormous amount of books and articles written about Leadership. Enormous. They are mostly similar, some are indeed different, also interesting, but it’s just words until you put it into practice.

There are two ways to become a leader

1. take over by force

2. earn it

#1 is much easier. #2 takes time.

“Leadership is when you find yourself in the center of the decision process and motivate people to action”

Most people aren’t even ready to be leaders. They’re ambitious, but if they’re arrogant or jealous, it’s going to be a very rough road.

EQ is the way to prepare yourself for your future responsibilities and failures. Yes, there will be failures – little ones – along the way to guide you. But if you are not prepared emotionally, you will not be in total control of yourself. EQ shows us the rules, and how to break them.