Increase your powers of perception

50 – 150 minute presentation

You’ve heard the statistic: how much of our brains do we use: what’s the answer, 8%? 9%? Just what does that number represent? Basically it means, out of all the external stimuli going on around us (visible/invisible), how much of it are we consciously aware of? That’s when our decisions get made about how to proceed every day.

We can increase that number.

As of today, there is no machine to adequately distinguish and measure the difference between conscious and subconscious thoughts as a percentage of (hover- which we don’t even know) ‘complete’ brain capacity.

In addition to undertaking certain short-term hobbies designed to train your brain, you will be “taking a panorama” at random intervals during the day.

What will be the difference in my life if I perceive more?

Enhanced reflexes, better sense of time, better sense of direction, you will avoid dog-poop in the street, you will have more physical balance, etc etc.