Conflict management – things to understand

Dr. Bramson’s 7 Types of Difficult People

  1. The Tank – bulldozer type
  2. The Sniper – shoots from the hip
  3. The Exploder – boom!
  4. The Indecisives – hmm, let me tell you later
  5. The No People – no!
  6. The Complainers – why this, why that?
  7. The Clams – the silent treatment

Developing Conflict Awareness

  • Conflict vs. disagreement
  • The five stages of conflict development
  • Barriers to conflict management

Responding to Conflict

  • Identify and understand your own conflict behavior
  • Listening skills for conflict management
  • Communication skills for conflict management
  • Understand the role of emotional intelligence in conflict management

Different Ways to Manage Conflict Productively

  • The five-step “conflict map”
  • Which conflict management strategy is right for you?
  • Content vs. relationship conflicts
  • Why not to ask “why” (and when to!)

Conflict Strategies

  • The four C’s: competence, credibility, care, communication
  • How to reinstate trust
  • How to become solution focused not problem focused

Moving Beyond Conflict

  • Difficult people vs. difficult behavior
  • Asserting yourself
  • Coping with resistance
  • Techniques for saying “no” assertively
  • Alternatives to toxic emotional statements

Mapping the Conflict

  • Map a conflict in five steps, from positions to solutions
  • Explore a conflict from various viewpoints
  • Determine common ground in a conflict
  • Generate and implement goal-oriented alternatives

The Role of Trust in Minimizing Conflict

  • Learn key fundamentals for building trust
  • Discover how trust is lost and how to reestablish it
  • Develop win-win solutions: interests vs. positions

Dealing with Difficult Behavior

  • Differentiate between difficult people and difficult behavior
  • Discover a two-step process for handling passive and aggressive behavior, resistance and stubbornness
  • Learn to create a viable alternative to group conflict


  • Address your own “explosions”
  • Apply appropriate conflict strategies through role-play

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